The Best Smartwatches Of 2024

The Best Smartwatches Of 2024

Smartwatches have evolved into indispensable fitness and lifestyle devices. Not only do they track your physical activity and record workouts, but they also offer a suite of features like smartphone connectivity for notifications and calls, and access to various apps. There's a wide range of options available, from high-end models to more budget-friendly choices.

Here's an in-depth look at the top smartwatches of 2024:

The Best Android Watch Overall

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Smartwatch - £289 - Samsung UK

samsung galaxy watch 6 review

Specifications: Wear OS (One UI Watch 5), compatible with Android, 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display, Exynos W930 processor, 16GB storage, one-day battery life, Qi wireless charging, IP68 rating, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.


  • Advanced fitness tracking capabilities.
  • Lightweight and robust design.


  • Limited to one-day battery life.
  • Best paired with Samsung phones; no iPhone compatibility.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 excels in aesthetics and functionality, making it a stylish addition to your wrist with its robust capabilities. The enlarged Super AMOLED screen stands out with its crisp, clear visuals and excellent performance even in bright sunlight.

In terms of speed, it delivers impressively, particularly when synced with a Samsung smartphone, though it's worth noting that it doesn't support iPhones.

Key features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 include its integration with SmartThings and the upgraded Exynos W930 chipset. A standout aspect is its capability to track both muscle and fat composition in your body, positioning it almost as the ultimate fitness gadget. Its comprehensive sleep tracking feature also aids in maximising daily wellness. However, the limited battery life of just one day is a drawback to consider.

The Best Cheap Apple Watch For iPhone

Apple Watch SE 2 Smartwatch - £189 - Apple UK

apple watch se 2 review

Specifications: watchOS 10, iOS compatible, 1.78" OLED display, Apple S8 processor, 32GB storage, 18-hour battery, wireless charging, 50m water resistance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Impressive battery performance for its price range.


  • Lacks an always-on display feature.
  • No built-in ECG.

Apple Watch SE 2 Review

The Apple Watch SE 2 stands out as an excellent choice for most users, offering an attractive balance between affordability and features. Priced lower than the Apple Watch 8 or 9, it retains many of their essential functionalities, including the same processor found in the Apple Watch 8.

However, it does miss out on some features like the always-on display, ECG, and blood oxygen tracking present in the 8, as well as the Double Tap feature of the 9. Despite these omissions, the Apple Watch SE 2 is still well-equipped with a broad spectrum of health and fitness capabilities, including critical features such as Car Crash Detection.

Moreover, this model impresses with its performance and longer battery life, which is noteworthy for a smartwatch in its category. Additionally, its lightweight and comfortable design enhance its wearability. Overall, the Apple Watch SE 2 presents a compelling combination of affordability and functionality, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality at a reasonable price.

The Best Premium Apple Watch For iPhone

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Smartwatch - £780 - Currys

apple watch ultra 2 review

Specifications: watchOS 10, iOS compatible, 1.9" OLED display, Apple S9 processor, 32GB storage, 36-hour battery, wireless charging, 100m water resistance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, Ultra Wideband.


Large and clear display.
Useful action button for quick commands.


Battery life could be improved.
Ultra Wideband feature is only compatible with iPhone 15.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 epitomises the pinnacle of the Apple Watch series, boasting the finest screen in the smartwatch arena. Its luxurious Retina Display OLED shines brightly with an impressive 3,000 nits of brightness. This model is notably larger and heftier than the standard Apple Watch and is powered by the swift S9 processor, which supports the remarkable Double Tap gesture found in the Series 9. Apart from these upgrades, it largely mirrors its predecessor, the original Apple Watch Ultra.

While it outperforms the regular Apple Watch in battery life, there's still room for improvement. However, its robust and precise GPS functionality is ideal for explorers, complemented by the enhanced hiking waypoints of watchOS 10, and its capability as a functional dive computer, thanks to the Oceanic Plus app.

Though on the pricier side, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a powerhouse of a wearable. In our tests, it proved to be the most formidable device the brand has ever released. It's particularly suited for enthusiastic hobbyists rather than extreme adventurers, given its battery life of 36 hours – which is, nevertheless, sufficient for most users' needs.

The Best Mid-Range Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 9 Smartwatch - £349 - John Lewis

apple watch series 9 review

Specifications: watchOS 10, iOS compatible, 1.69 / 1.9" OLED display, Apple S9 processor, 32GB storage, 18-hour battery, wireless charging, 50m water resistance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE.


Offers a range of workout features.
Innovative Double Tap gesture control.


Average battery life.
Similar design to the Apple Watch 8.

Apple Watch Series 9 Review

The Apple Watch family stands at the forefront of smartwatches, with the Apple Watch Series 9 being the most advanced and feature-rich model to date. This flagship watch harnesses all the latest advancements from watchOS 10, offering high-end features without the additional outdoor-focused tools found in the Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 models.

A significant enhancement in the Series 9 is the innovative Double Tap feature, enabling more hands-free control of the watch. Although its battery life is on par with previous models and its appearance remains largely unchanged, the Apple Watch's distinctive square-round shape and expansive display continue to be a hit among users.

Our evaluation revealed that the Series 9's processor slightly ramps up the speed. The newly introduced Ultra Wideband technology is optimised for iPhone 15 and future models, enhancing connectivity and synchronization. Additionally, the inclusion of a car crash detection feature adds a potentially life-saving aspect to the watch. Alongside these, you get the full array of watchOS 10 benefits. For those seeking the quintessential Apple Watch experience, the Series 9 emerges as an exceptional, well-rounded choice.

The Best Premium Watch For Android

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Smartwatch - £429 - Samsung

samsung galaxy watch 5 ultra review

Specifications: Wear OS, Android compatible, 1.2" / 1.4" Super AMOLED display, Dual-core 1.18GHz processor, 16GB storage, up to 3 days battery (44mm model), wireless charging, IP68 rating, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE option.


High-performance levels.
New software features and robust design.


Limited compatibility with non-Samsung devices.
Missing the rotating bezel feature.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a striking and robust watch, tailored for the outdoor enthusiast. It features an AMOLED screen that is not only exceptionally smooth in operation but also boasts double the durability of its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4. This model comes loaded with enhanced health functionalities, including a sophisticated GPS system for route workouts, complete with detailed turn-by-turn navigation.

Marrying the functional robustness of a Garmin watch with the sleek appeal of a Wear OS device, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro delivers a best-of-both-worlds experience. One of its standout features is its impressive 80-hour battery life, surpassing many competitors in the Wear OS category and setting a high standard for smartwatches in general.

The Best Wear OS Watch For Style

Google Pixel Watch 2 Smartwatch - £349 - Currys

Google Pixel Watch 2 review

Specifications: Wear OS 4, compatible with Android 8.0 or higher, 1.2" OLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 processor, 32GB storage, 24-hour battery, wireless charging, 5 ATM water resistance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE.


Sleek, classic design.
Exceptional screen quality.
Improved heart rate sensor.


Only available in one size.
Band switching can be cumbersome.
Lacks blood oxygen sensing.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Review

The Google Pixel Watch 2 continues the legacy of its forerunner as an exceptionally elegant smartwatch. It boasts an organic design, featuring a glossy and curved face that blends seamlessly into its curvaceous body, creating an almost seamless construction.

This curvature results in a more glass-forward design than the Apple Watch Series 9, adding to its aesthetic appeal while subtly concealing a somewhat larger black bezel around the screen. The Pixel Watch 2 sees an improvement in battery life over the original model and benefits from fast charging capabilities. Additionally, the introduction of a new multi-path heart rate sensor enhances its fitness tracking accuracy.

Featuring a vivid, colourful, and responsive AMOLED display, the Pixel Watch 2's screen is smaller than the Apple Watch Series 9's rectangular face. However, Google efficiently utilizes this smaller screen space, ensuring a satisfying user experience. The only lingering desire is for an even longer battery life, a common challenge among smartwatches in this category.

The Best Cheap Wear OS Watch

TicWatch E3 Smartwatch - £109 - Mobvoi

TicWatch E3 smartwatch review

Specifications: Wear OS, compatible with Android, 1.3-inch LCD display, Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, 8GB storage, two-day battery life, Qi wireless charging, IP68 rating, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.

Large display with quick performance.
Budget-friendly with comprehensive features.

Plain design.
Feels less premium.

TicWatch E3 Review

The TicWatch E3 emerges as an economical choice in the smartwatch market, yet impressively manages to encompass a wide range of features. It boasts a commendable two-day battery life, a large screen, quick performance, and a comprehensive suite of health and fitness tracking capabilities, including exercise, stress, and sleep monitoring.

Although its screen is LCD rather than the more premium OLED, and the overall aesthetic and feel might come across as less luxurious, these factors align with its budget-friendly nature. The watch is both lightweight and durable, as evidenced in our testing.

The TicWatch E3 may not be the go-to option for those seeking a fashion-forward accessory, but it stands out for its functionality, especially considering its price point. It competes well against more expensive alternatives in terms of battery life and essential features, making it a sensible and valuable choice for those looking for affordability without compromising on basic smartwatch functionalities.

The Best FitBit Overall

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch - £144 - Argos

Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch review

Specifications: Fitbit OS, compatible with Android and iOS, 1.58" AMOLED display, up to 6 days battery, magnetic connecting pin charging, water-resistant, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC.

Integrated GPS.
Comfortable and lightweight.

Inefficient side button.
No offline Spotify support.

Fitbit Versa 3 Review

The Fitbit Versa 3 stands out as a top choice for those prioritising fitness tracking in a wearable. Despite Fitbit being under Google's umbrella, it surpasses the Google Pixel Watch in automated fitness tracking capabilities.

Equipped with built-in GPS, the Fitbit Versa 3 is not only comfortable to wear but also boasts a display that's both clear and easily readable. Consistent with Fitbit's legacy, it primarily focuses on fitness features, which might not appeal to everyone looking for a broader range of smartwatch functions.

In our review, we noted, "The Fitbit Versa 3 excels as a wearable device, leaning more towards a fitness tracker than a full-fledged smartwatch, with a limited range of productivity applications."

However, for those who are enthusiasts of general wearables and are looking for a device that balances fitness tracking with smartwatch features, the Fitbit Versa 3 presents a viable and more cost-effective alternative compared to other models in the market.

The Best FitBit For Stress Management

FitBit Sense Smartwatch - £137 - Argos

Fitbit Sense smartwatch review

Specifications: Fitbit OS, compatible with Android and iOS, 300 x 300 LCD display, up to 6 days battery, magnetic connecting pin charging, 50m water resistance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Extensive stress and mood logging.
Built-in GPS.

Many features locked behind Fitbit Premium.
Step counting can be slightly off.

FitBit Sense Review

The Fitbit Sense, bearing a resemblance to the Versa in both design and functionality, takes a unique stance within the Fitbit lineup and Android smartwatch market. This model stands out with its holistic approach to health tracking, delving into the realms of mental wellbeing.

Notably, the Fitbit Sense is adept at monitoring mental health aspects, including mood and stress. It further enhances user experience by offering meditation and mindfulness features. However, a key consideration is the necessity of a Fitbit Premium subscription to access many of these additional features, a requirement not common among other smartwatches on this list.

In terms of performance, the Fitbit Sense proved to be reliable and efficient in our tests. During intense physical activities, like spinning, it consistently provided accurate heart rate readings without any significant discrepancies. Additionally, its ability to notify the user with vibrations when transitioning between different heart rate zones is particularly beneficial for training purposes, adding a practical touch to its fitness tracking proficiency.

The Best Premium Wear OS Watch For Non-Samsung Users

TicWatch Pro 5 Smartwatch - £269 - Amazon UK

TicWatch Pro 5 smartwatch review

Specifications: Compatible with Android and iOS, 466 x 466 px always-on OLED, Snapdragon W5+ Gen1 processor, 32GB storage, up to 80 hours battery, magnetic connecting pin charging, 5ATM rating, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2.

Long battery life.
Powerful performance and accurate fitness metrics.

Android only compatibility.

TicWatch Pro 5 Review

The TicWatch Pro 5 shines as a versatile and impressive alternative to the Pixel Watch, marking its presence as a standout in the smartwatch arena.

This smartwatch is powered by the robust Snapdragon W5+ Gen1 processor, resulting in commendable performance as evidenced in our testing. Its battery life is particularly noteworthy, offering up to 80 hours, which is a significant advantage over many competitors. Additionally, it excels in providing precise fitness tracking metrics, making it a reliable choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Aesthetically, the TicWatch Pro 5 presents an attractive design on the wrist. Its robust construction, featuring 7000-series aluminum and high-strength nylon with fiberglass, ensures durability even in rugged outdoor environments. This watch is not only a contender against the Pixel Watch but also holds its own against high-caliber competitors like the Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro.

While the TicWatch Pro 5 is on the higher end of the price spectrum and lacks an LTE option – a notable drawback at this price point – its overall performance and durability make it a formidable partner for fitness and outdoor activities.

Choosing the Best Smartwatch for You

When selecting a smartwatch, compatibility with your phone is key. Also, consider the battery life and specific features you need. While Apple Watches are exclusive to iOS, Samsung and Google watches are tailored for Android users. Fitbit devices are more versatile but focus more on fitness. Lastly, consider the value for money and how the smartwatch fits into your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best smartwatch to buy in 2024?

The best smartwatch to buy largely depends on your specific needs and smartphone compatibility. For Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 stands out for its advanced features, while the Apple Watch Series (with its various models) is a top choice for iPhone users, offering a range of functionalities and seamless integration with iOS.

2. Which smartwatch brand is good?

Leading smartwatch brands include Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit. Each brand offers unique features: Apple for its integration with iOS, Samsung for its versatility with Android, and Fitbit for its focus on health and fitness tracking.

3. Can you answer calls on a smartwatch?

Yes, many modern smartwatches allow you to answer calls. Watches equipped with LTE or connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth can enable voice calls directly from the wrist.

4. Are Apple watches waterproof?

Current Apple Watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters, making them suitable for activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. However, they are not recommended for high-velocity water sports or deep-water activities.

5. Can I leave my phone at home and use my smartwatch?

Some smartwatches, particularly those with LTE connectivity, allow you to leave your phone at home. These watches can independently make calls, send texts, and use data without being tethered to a smartphone.

6. Which smartwatch offers the best value for money?

For the best value for money, consider smartwatches that balance features and cost. Mid-range models from Apple, such as the Apple Watch SE 2, budget-friendly options from Samsung, and the Fitbit Versa series offer comprehensive features at a more affordable price point.

7. Do I need a data plan for a smartwatch?

A data plan is required for a smartwatch if you intend to use it independently of a smartphone for calls, texts, or data usage. Watches with LTE capabilities need a separate or added data plan.

8. Are Samsung watches waterproof?

Samsung smartwatches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch series, are generally water-resistant, making them suitable for daily wear and light water activities. However, they are not designed for deep-water or high-impact water sports.

9. Can a smartwatch check blood pressure?

Some advanced smartwatches offer blood pressure monitoring features. However, these readings should be considered more for wellness purposes and not for medical diagnostics.

10. What is a hybrid smartwatch?

A hybrid smartwatch blends traditional analog watch designs with smart functionalities. They typically feature physical watch hands and a smaller digital display or notifications, offering a classic look with smart technology benefits.

(A Hybrid Smartwatch)

11. Which is better: hybrid or smartwatch?

The choice between a hybrid or a full smartwatch depends on your preference for traditional watch aesthetics versus advanced digital features. Hybrids offer a classic look with basic smart features, while full smartwatches provide a wide range of digital functionalities.

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